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Ten Veined Quartz Countertops That Mimic The Look Of Natural Stone

Quartz countertops are a beneficial asset that can be added to one’s interior spaces. Depending on which of the looks or appearances you prefer to include into your decor, you’ll find that one of these veined quartz countertops to be a great investment to increase the value of your home. While there are ten options to carefully consider, you’ll notice that there are key differences for each one.

Homeowners typically choose to install quartz countertops to replicate and substitute the texture and intrigue that comes with natural stone. By using the ornamental elements that these quartz countertops provide, homeowners will be able to see how vivid and vibrant the home can become. Our suggestion for your quartz countertop installation includes: Calacatta Panda, Armitage, Vena Calacatta Infinita, Kensington, Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone, Statuario Nuvo, Rose Bay, Borghini Pental, Calacatta Oro, and Ainsley. 


Calacatta Panda

The Calacatta Panda is a quartz surface that utilizes a white canvassed backdrop with blue-gray veining. The Calacatta Panda is an obscure design that pronounces the way the surface conveys new designs along with the rest of your decor components. By using a specific vagueness to the rest of your aesthetics, you can enhance the way you view your interior spaces. A light countertop that matches a white-on-white scenery, homeowners will have a much easier time to coordinate the perfect colors.



The Armitage countertop is a dark inclusion for your interior aesthetic. It has multitudes of colors to elevate the way you view your home. With flecks of gold and copper spotted around the black background, the movements of the subtle white veins will contrast so beautifully that the Armitage will coincide perfectly with darker surroundings. The Armitage is reputed for its distinction and succinctly simulates the attraction homeowners gravitate towards natural stones. 


Vena Calacatta Infinita

The Vena Calacatta Infinita is a quartz countertop that retains a poised appearance. As if the striations are moving in unison without the balance that you’d normally expect with a standard quartz surface, the Vena Calacatta Infinita is known for its blurred outlining. An off-white backdrop that fuses the backdrop’s lighter palettes with the colors that the veining contains. The Vena Calacatta Infinita has smoky characteristics that convey a majestic display of either wider or thinner striations. Compatible with the modern and contemporary aesthetics, the homeowner will have a variety of versatile options to choose from.



The Kensington quartz surface is a mesmerizing pattern that can work with a light or dark aesthetic that can function as a way to arrange a graceful atmosphere to your home space. By using the right amount of modern or contemporary elements, homeowners can use the Kensington as a useful addition for all their countertop needs. Aside from the decorational improvements that the Kensington can provide, homeowners will feel refreshed and relieved by the amount of physical protection it brings to the rest of your layout. Foot traffic is always a concern when it comes to the addition of stone in your indoor spacing, however, with the Kensington, homeowners will be able to ease their concerns since it invites compelling intrigue.


Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone

Calacatta Nuvo Caesarstone is a beige, off-white backdrop with a subtle streak of gray. A work of art from the collection of renowned quartz surfaces, the Calacatta Nuvo creates a space that can accentuate earth tones and palettes. While the patterns of the Calacatta Nuvo are vague, beyond the physical attributes, there is an inspiring force that the Calacatta Nuvo expands on. Homeowners will have a deeper connection to the way their indoor patterns appear. One of the benefits that the Calacatta Nuvo poses is its replicated look of marble. Homeowners that want a marble countertop can find a less expensive alternative by purchasing and installing this quartz surface instead.  


Statuario Nuvo

For homeowners that are looking for the right combination that blends terracotta and all-natural earth tones, the Statuario Nuvo might be the perfect choice to add to the interior of your home. The veins are slim and can traverse from many different points, creating a poignant perspective amongst the rest of your spaces. Following the design principles of lighter elements, the Statuario Nuvo can become a transition to various palettes that can add a sense of personality to your indoor spaces. The Statuario Nuvo is another option for homeowners that want an economical surrogate to the typical marble surface, the resemblance will help sway your choice and intrigue.


Rose Bay

The Rose Bay is for the homeowner that wants a high volume of movement throughout their countertop. Due to its colors, the Rose Bay provides a dramatic effect that palpitates with the rest of your decor arrangement. The outlines are rather thin, yet the striking patterns envelop the nature of its organic appeal. Homeowners will be able to configure the way their home looks by including the Rose Bay into the rest of their decor. Whether the homeowner desires something that is gentle or prominent, the Rose Bay will function comparatively well and acts as a natural stone that accentuates the palettes in your home.


Borghini Pental

The off-white replication that makes a suitable centerpiece for an abundance of attractive layouts. The Borghini Pental will act as an outpour of ornamental elements throughout the home. Your home space will inevitably feel the enticing possibilities that could be created by arranging the right design according to the movement in its veins. The details from the pattern are somewhat simple, however, it is with the special characteristics from the stone that imbues a sense of grace and poise for your surroundings. Borghini Pental is grand in appearance and compacts the size of the room it’s in into a high-end composition of home decor.


Calacatta Oro

A beige addition to the home accentuates a new style of decorum for your living spaces. The thin caramel brown veins horizontally cascade, welcoming the lighter elements into your interiors. The movement in the veins are slow and soft, creating a tranquil setting to make your space that much more inviting. Hauntingly immersive with the traditional and rustic sceneries, the Calacatta Oro is a sight to behold, blending different but similar palettes together to construct the right kind of decor arrangements.



Light gray veins that are somewhat translucent in certain areas in a light tan backdrop, the Ainsley will provide the extravagant features into your home. The movement in the veins create a subtle atmosphere. By incorporating the Ainsley to the rest of your home decor, you’ll find a new assortment of possibilities that assists the neutral palettes that you’re hoping to add. Although the Ainsley may be an ornamental endeavor in comparison to the darker or lighter quartz countertops that are mentioned on this list, homeowners will find that the Ainsley is highly versatile and capable of rearranging a great selection of decor elements. 


Why You Should Install A Quartz Countertop

Due to its maintenance-free quality, quartz countertops are typically the most preferable option there is with installing a countertop. A more affordable option amongst the materials that has to offer, quartz countertops are generally less expensive than the expected natural stone selection that is typically available for purchase and installation.

Some of the best aspects that quartz countertops have to offer are the physical traits that make it ostensibly durable. What makes this material so much more effective for the home space is how it replicates the appearance of a variety of natural stone selections. Due to its resistant qualities, homeowners typically opt for the quartz countertops since it is an optimal choice that is well-regarded in both visual and practical uses.

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