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The veins of the Calacatta Diamante mimic the grains of an exotic wood. Although the quartz isn’t directly replicating the qualities of the wood grain, the Calacatta Diamante has many similarities to something as recognizable as oak. It is a white surface with a gray contrast and the veins are black and dark gray. Much like a tree that grows and forms its own grains, this stone naturally forms its own designs.

If you have a keen eye for deeply rich quality, then you won’t have to look any further than the Calacatta Gold. With its gray veining and its taupe highlights, the quartz will bring your kitchen or bathroom more joy than you could possibly think of. Although the stone is only mildly gold, it is the subtlety of the design that makes it such a great addition to your household.

The Mont Blanc is such a resounding quartz that brings about the special qualities of the gray, white, and blue veins. Swirling amongst the lines, the stone will remind you of the elements that it is named after. At the top of the French Alps, the Mont Blanc will give you the clear-cut and picturesque portrayal of the convalescent mountainous regions. Although the veins are different in color, they are all in a uniform and compact design which provides the sophistication that quartz will bring to your life.

The Calacatta Arabescato is a gray quartz with dark gray veining. This quartz can naturally exude different elements to make the surfacing such an opaque canvas. Although the Calacatta Arabescato has a unilateral color scheme, it does have an intricate vibrancy that makes the designs so distinguished amongst the other quartz surfaces.

Probably one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Picasso was known for his involvement in surrealism and the cubist movement. A quartz that best represents his galleries, the Calacatta Picasso has a contrast of monochromatic blue. The gray veins, unlike that of other quartz, are vague. Since each of the pigments on the surface can blend, it can be quite a challenge to take notice of the smaller flourishes and specks that are seamless to the naked eye.

Recognized all over the world, the name Da Vinci is synonymous with several facets of art and poetry. The Calacatta Da Vinci represents the pristine quality that the Renaissance genius would have admired. Arranged with black and gray veins, the quartz almost resembles a topographic overview of shades. Although the specks might be noticeable, each groove shows hints in the surface, making the markings look as though they are natural and of their own.

The Calacatta Supreme is an all-white quartz with brown, gray, and beige veins. Its surface is similar to a cream-like hue which easily matches along with the patterns of the veins. What is so different about this quartz compared to the others is how widespread and thin the lining and details are within the spaces.

Encrusted with ingrained white and black veining, the Calacatta Panda is meant to mesmerize those that take one look upon its appearance. Its aesthetic is almost mercurial in nature and the veins look as though they trickle in place. The quartz can be used for modern or for contemporary spaces that centralize both elegance and class.

An Italian quartz that is particularly distinct for its blend of gold, beige, and white, the hues of the Calacatta Oro represent radiance. Like an opera, every single vein in this stone entangles with one another, creating wave after wave of euphoric melodies brought to life. The colors of this stone are quite unique and the patterns have previously been arranged for royals and nobles alike.

The Calacatta Michelangelo is a marble that remains a cut above the rest. It has a poised appearance with gray veins dancing around the white canvas of the stone. Much like the artist’s greatest works, the Calacatta Michelangelo is naturally refined to resemble the artisanal appeal. No matter which space you have this quartz installed in, the stone will enhance the surroundings.